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Salmonella White Paper
Produced by the Beef Industry Food Safety Council, this is the first white paper to include all pre- and post-harvest work to reduce Salmonella, including the current status of control, and provide an update on the research investigating the plausible routes of Salmonella infection in cattle.

Antimicrobial Interventions Reference Document
This document, funded by the Beef Checkoff, describes the multiple actions taken by the industry to reduce the potential for carcass contamination including scientifically proven antimicrobial interventions that can be applied individually or in combination with other treatment to reduce pathogens on the carcass surfaces.

Costco Standard Operating Procedure for Meat Grinder
This document provides a pictorial overview of the Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures for meat grinders at Costco.

Best Practices for Raw Ground Products
Producers of raw ground products, including ground beef, recognize that these products have inherent food safety risks due to the nature of the process and the lack of a sufficient “kill” step for biological hazards within the process. Therefore, it is extremely important that grinders implement Best Practices to produce the safest products possible by increasing total process control throughout the grinding operation and in sourcing safe raw materials. This document provides guidelines for grinding operations and can be used by establishments to develop plant-specific programs.

Foodservice Best Practices
These best practices for foodservice operations provide the minimum recommendations as outlined by current regulations needed to maintain and enhance the safety of beef products served to customers of all ages who consume food away from home.

Best Practices for Spinal Cord Removal
This document provides Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) to improve process control for assuring the removal of spinal cord from vertebral bone.

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