What is BIFSCo?

The Beef Industry Food Safety Council (BIFSCo) brings together representatives from all segments of the beef industry to develop industry-wide, science-based strategies to solve the problem of E. coli O157:H7 and other food borne pathogens in beef.

The Beef Industry Food Safety Council is coordinating a broad effort to solve pathogen issues, focusing on research prioritization and information dissemination. Although the industry segments may not always agree on all issues, united efforts to solve food pathogen challenges are critical.

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To help fulfill the BIFSCo commitment to develop strategies that solve the challenges of food borne pathogens in beef, industry representatives from all sectors collaborate on an ongoing basis to create unified best practices to serve as guidance for developing customized safety documents. These documents explain procedures that have been implemented successfully throughout the industry.

In addition to BIFSCo-developed documents, other resources with safety information applicable to the different sectors are included in the section.

Proposals Sought for TED-Style Talks on Food Safety at the 2020 Beef Industry Safety Summit

If you’ve always imagined yourself on stage at a TED-style event, this could be your chance. The Beef Industry Safety Summit Planning Committee is seeking proposals for talks on big food safety ideas to be presented during a special spotlight session at the 2020 Beef Industry Safety Summit March 3-6th in San Antonio, TX.

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