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March 3-5, 2015
Dallas, Texas

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The Beef Industry Safety Summit continues to provide the venue for industry experts to gather in a non-competitive environment to advance their common goal of ensuring the safest possible beef supply for the domestic and global marketplace.

Food safety has been a long standing priority for the beef industry. Continual improvement in safety has been possible with the collaborative effort of every segment of the chain from farm to table working together to find and develop new ways to create the safest product available. Beef safety is more than an expectation, more than the effort of one single entity — it is the sum of the entire beef production system, from farm to table.

Beef safety has been and will continue to be a leading concern of the beef industry.  Food safety cannot be addressed without considering the route that beef must take to reach the consumer’s table.  The chain begins on the farm and continues on through processors, distributors  and ends with retail and food service establishments having direct contact with consumers.

While important food safety trends impact the entire beef production system, the final dimension in meeting beef safety usually takes the form of optimizing the use of interventions and control points not only within individual segments but within the entire system.

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