Proposals Sought for TED-Style Talks on Food Safety at the 2020 Beef Industry Safety Summit

San Antonio, TX

The Beef Industry Safety Summit has been established as the premier event that brings industry leaders and safety professionals together from all sectors of the beef production, processing and marketing chain to focus on strategies to improve beef safety. As part of the annual Summit, the presentation of research results plays a key role in filling knowledge gaps and identifying new research needs so safety strategiIf you’ve always imagined yourself on stage at a TED-style event, this could be your chance. The Beef Industry Safety Summit Planning Committee is seeking proposals for talks on big food safety ideas to be presented during a special spotlight session at the 2020 Beef Industry Safety Summit March 3-6th in San Antonio, TX. The selected talks will take place either Wednesday, March 4th or Thursday, March 5th dependent on session alignment.

The committee will select speakers, each of whom will be expected to deliver a crisp, high-level, eight-minute TED-style talk about a food safety idea that will leave the audience feeling inspired. Slides are allowed, but a maximum of 5 per speaker. Applicants may submit any food safety idea/innovation/thought/experience, including those that are implemented or in the planning stages. The topic can relate to any part of the food safety industry, including pre- or post-harvest and further-processing. 

Proposals must be submitted by January 24, 2020 and will be evaluated based on:

  • The complexity of the problem addressed
  • The uniqueness of the idea/solution/experience
  • Topic diversity
Proposals should not exceed 500 words and should include:

  • Your name and your organization’s name
  • The challenge your idea/innovation seeks to address
  • How your idea addresses or identifies new insights about the challenge
  • Potential impact of your idea

Additionally, applications can include a link to a website or to a short (maximum 90 seconds) video about your idea/innovation.

The TED website and the illustrated guide for speakers are great resources to utilize when developing your proposal. You can familiarize yourself with the format and see other speakers talks as a guide. They highlight questions to ask yourself when deciding on your idea, and if your proposal is selected, how to set up your talk, and useful hints on creating your slides.

Invited speakers will receive complimentary registration to the meeting.

Applications should be sent to Questions about this request should be directed to Wendy David ( or Paige Smith (

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